Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – The award ceremony for the most energy efficient school in Bishkek took place today in the Yntymak city park. Ecological-economic Lyceum No. 65 was recognized as the most energy efficient school in the capital city. This nomination recognises the contribution of the school and the teachers to the formation of schoolchildren’s skills in the careful and rational use of natural resources, promotion of energy saving and sustainable energy consumption.

The event was organised by the European Union (EU) project “Sustainable Energy Connectivity in Central Asia” (SECCA) with the support of the Administration of Education of the Bishkek City Mayor’s Office as part of the EU festival “Europe Summer Fest Bishkek 2023” and the EU Sustainable Energy Days in Kyrgyzstan.

The event was attended by the lyceum management, teachers, students and their parents, representatives of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic, the Administration of Education of the Bishkek City Mayor’s Office and the general public.

Mr Hans Farnhammer, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic, and Ms Ainura Arstambekova, Director of Administration of Education, awarded the Lyceum with a diploma. Mr Paata Janelidze, SECCA Team Leader, presented to Ms Olga Soloshenko, the Lyceum director, a commemorative crystal figurine and donated the educational and methodological manual for schoolchildren “Climate Change Issues” as a gift from the project.

After the award ceremony, the schoolchildren took part in a flash mob on electric scooters under the slogan “Reduce Carbon Emissions, Save the Planet!”. The purpose of the flashmob was to draw attention to the high levels of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transport that lead to the deterioration of the environment, climate and consequently human health, and to inspire people to choose more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The Sustainable Energy Days are held in Kyrgyzstan and all countries of Central Asia with the aim to raise awareness among all national stakeholder groups and the general public in the region about the importance, benefits and accessibility of sustainable energy.

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