Astana, Kazakhstan – The national experts of Kazakhstan on energy efficiency attended a Round table discussion “Quality Control of Energy Audits for the Industry” organised jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ministry), the European Union (EU) funded SECCA project, and the Electric Power and Energy-Saving Development Institute (EEDI) of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, recognising the importance of energy efficiency, has implemented a robust policy framework to address challenges posed by its energy-intensive economy and reliance on fossil fuels. The country’s approach involves significant stakeholder engagement, including government ministries, energy auditors, and international partners. However, issues related to compliance and the execution of mandatory actions following energy audits have hindered the effectiveness of mandatory energy audits. A structured quality control (QC) system for energy audits is crucial in Kazakhstan’s efforts to enhance energy efficiency in its industrial sector.

The SECCA project initiated cooperation with EEDI in summer 2023 with an overall objective to introduce an updated and enhanced energy audits QC system for the industrial sector in Kazakhstan. A technical workshop followed in September 2023 for the parties to discuss key elements of a quality management system, value delivered through energy audits, the initial assessment of strengths and, improvement potential of the current QC of energy audits in Kazakhstan, feasible changes to the current setup and potential barriers and solutions for implementing proposed improvements.

Subsequently, upon the request of the Ministry and EEDI, SECCA’s Senior expert in Energy auditing Mr Karolis Januševičius has prepared a Draft Report “Conceptualization of Quality Control for Mandatory Energy Audits and Implementation Roadmap in Kazakhstan”. This draft document, presenting a thorough analysis and a strategic 5-stage implementation plan (Figure 1) for improving Kazakhstan’s existing system, was submitted to the EEDI review, and then discussed during the Round Table.

Figure 1: Implementation Roadmap for the Quality Control of Energy Audits for the Industry in Kazakhstan.

Find the full Presentation on the Implementation Roadmap in this link.

This roadmap is designed to integrate a comprehensive QC system for energy audits, aligning with the EU best practices and ensuring adaptability to the specific context of Kazakhstan to enhance the effectiveness of energy audits, thus contributing to the country’s energy efficiency and sustainable development objectives.

The SECCA project intends to submit the conclusive Final Report to the Ministry in March 2024. It is expected to encapsulate the refined framework for energy audit QC, drawing on collaborative insights and experiences from both the EU and Kazakhstani experts, to foster enduring improvements in energy efficiency practices within Kazakhstan’s industrial sector.

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