Astana, Kazakhstan – A sustainable energy-themed mural was unveiled today in the presence of teachers, schoolchildren, and parents of School Lyceum №59 (School). The mural is the European Union’s (EU) present to the School in recognition of its achievements in energy saving and energy efficiency, and contributions to raising awareness on green energy among the young generation.

In fact, the School was recognised as the most energy efficient school among 100 public schools of Astana city, following the desk research conducted by the EU project “Sustainable Energy Connectivity in Central Asia (SECCA)”. The Award Ceremony was held in June this year, as part of the EU–Kazakhstan Sustainable Energy Days campaign. Then, H.E. Mr Kestutis Jankauskas, the EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan, first announced the EU’s intention to present the mural to the School.

The opening of the mural gathered the School teachers, students, parents, city representatives аnd representatives of the EU.

Ambassador Jankauskas, addressing the event attendees, stated: “It is a great pleasure and honour for me to stand in front of you at this School again. When we first met, we celebrated the School’s achievement and kicked off summer with a fun flashmob and e-scooter ride. We called for reducing the carbon emissions and saving the Earth! Today, the occasion is equally joyful. On behalf of the European Union, I am happy to present to you this mural. It is called “Sustainable Energy for a Better Future”. This particular artwork has been chosen among 40 other works submitted to the EU contest for the best mural design among citizens of Kazakhstan. I think, it was favoured by the Contest Committee not only because of its design, but most importantly the ideas behind. Personally, I see it as a call that the future of our children depends on the choices we make today. Opting for sustainable energy, cutting emissions, protecting environment are paramount for the health and happiness of all. I wholeheartedly celebrate this School, its teachers and students, for their work. Taking this opportunity, I thank the author of the mural for this artwork and the artist for reproducing it on the School façade.”

Ms Alma Zhumabekova, the School principal, said in her speech: “We are humbled by the acknowledgement from the European Union and deeply touched by this present. All of us wish that our children are healthy and have a good life, the best life. At this school, we try to foster in our students the love and respect for the nature and the Planet, as well as interest in innovations and creativity. This beautiful mural gives us incentives to continue our work.”

The mural illustrates two smiling children, a girl and a boy, on the left side, and the view of the Astana city in the future on the right side. The blue sky and white birds are symbols of clean air. Little stars spread across the picture represent aspirations for fulfilment of children’s dreams, as well as are a nod to the stars on the EU flag. The solar panels and wind turbines are the source of energy and an indispensable part of life in this future. According to Ms Zhuldyz Serikova, the author of the mural and winner of the EU contest, the boy on the picture is her nephew, and the rest of the picture is her wishful view of the future, which, she believes, her nephew and all children of Kazakhstan deserve.

The mural opening ceremony was organised by the SECCA project. One representative of the School and Ms Serikova will take part in the SECCA study tour to Europe, scheduled for November 2023, to learn the European experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Background: The EU-funded project “Sustainable Energy Connectivity in Central Asia (SECCA)” (from March 2022 to March 2026) aims to promote a sustainable energy mix in the Central Asia region in line with EU best practices. To fulfil its mission, SECCA strives to provide for strengthened and more inclusive policy, regulatory and institutional framework for the transition to a sustainable energy system, within a regional context, and focuses on contributing to the fulfilment of international human rights commitments in CA countries, including equal access to energy, and supporting gender inclusive policies and legislation for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE). The project activities include capacity development for EE and RE deployment, awareness raising on EE and RE, and improving investment climate for EE and RE projects.

For additional information, please contact Mrs Yelena Serebrennikova, Communication strategist, SECCA, email:, WhatsApp: +77019814020, Mrs Nurgul Smagulova-Dulic, Digital Communication Expert, SECCA, email:, WhatsApp: +77012066760, or the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan:

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