Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Experts of the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Research Institute of Energy under the Ministry of Energy and the State Agency for Architecture, Construction and Housing and Utilities (Gosstroy) under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and other institutions attended a Round table discussion Quality Control of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The event was organised jointly by the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic and the European Union (EU) funded SECCA project.

The Round table discussion follows the technical workshop held in October 2023, which resulted in a proposal for an improved approach to EPC quality control (QC), its main elements and alternative options or implementation models.

Kyrgyzstan’s commitment to improving energy efficiency (EE) is evident in its national strategies and legislative framework. Issuing EPCs for buildings, adopted from the EU models, has been a progressive step towards enhancing EE and transparency in the real estate market. However, the evolution of EE standards and the recognition of the critical role that EPCs play in the nation’s energy landscape have brought to light a significant gap – the absence of a rigorous QC mechanism. This gap has implications for the credibility of the EPCs and, by extension, the decision-making processes of consumers, investors, and policymakers.

Upon request of the Ministry of Energy, Institute of Energy and Gosstroy experts, SECCA project experts Karolis Januševičius and Nurzat Abdyrasulova have prepared a Draft Report “Conceptualization of Quality Control for Energy Performance Certification of Buildings and Implementation Roadmap in Kyrgyzstan”. This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the existing legal framework relevant to EE, institutional setup and gaps in the current situation. Furthermore, it proposes a new framework for EPC quality control and a pragmatic 5-stage implementation roadmap (Figure 1) for advancing the EPC system in Kyrgyzstan.

Figure 1: Implementation Roadmap for the EPC Quality Control System in Kyrgyzstan.

Find the full Presentation on the Implementation Roadmap in this link.

This Roadmap lays out a structured and phased approach to implementing a QC system for EPCs in Kyrgyzstan. It draws on EU best practices while being tailored to the specific needs and conditions of the Kyrgyz context.

The experts conclude that the success of this Roadmap is contingent upon strong institutional commitment, a willingness to learn and adapt, and the active participation of all stakeholders. With these elements in place, Kyrgyzstan can look forward to a robust and reliable EPC system that contributes significantly to the country’s EE and sustainability goals, as well as sets a regional example in building EPC.

The SECCA project intends to submit final deliverables related to this assignment to the Ministry of Energy and Institute of Energy in March 2024.

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