Ashgabat, Turkmenistan – The new Law “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency” was officially published and entered into force in Turkmenistan. It establishes the legal, economic and organisational framework for stimulating energy conservation and increasing energy efficiency in the country.

The Law:

  • provides definition of basic concepts such as state energy inspection, energy passport, energy survey, energy efficiency indicator, fuel and energy resources consumption standards, and others
  • enshrines the rights and obligations of energy consumers
  • defines the competencies of government bodies in the field of energy conservation and compliance monitoring
  • introduces mandatory state energy inspections of facilities and buildings and determines the procedure for conducting energy audits
  • provides for measures to stimulate energy saving, including preferential loans, tax preferences and tariff policy
  • reinforces the legal regulation in the field of energy saving
  • prioritises the scientific, technical and economic feasibility of energy-saving measures, introduction of energy-efficient equipment, technologies and materials
  • pays particular attention to international cooperation and information support.

The European Union through its SECCA project has been providing technical support to the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan in studying the international and European experience in deployment of energy efficiency. The project also focuses on raising general public awareness on the efficient use of energy and benefits of sustainable energy.

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