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SECCA project aims and expected outcomes
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SECCA Project aims and expected outcomes

The SECCA project’s work scope covers strengthening capacities of the national governmental agencies of the Central Asian counties for management of energy data, information, modelling and standards.

The project goals and expected outcomes:

  • Training and capacity building activities organised with aim to improve and harmonise national energy statistics systems with international standards and recommendations;
  • Increased awareness and understanding of the importance of timely, reliable, consistent, and accurate energy statistics among various data users: policy makers, decisions makers and statisticians.
  • Improved links and cooperation between energy statisticians, data provides, energy experts and other.
  • Disseminated examples of good practices to faster knowledge sharing, improve data collections and compilations, setting up agreements with data users, reduce the costs and other.
  • Increased awareness of national statisticians about international energy databases and benefits they provide.
  • Developed national tailor-made tools, methods and methodologies that reflect real, country specific, energy sector situation.


Energy statistics-related project events:

  1. Regional Workshop on Final Energy Consumption Statistics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 11-13 July 2023.
  2. SECCA Energy Statistics Training for the Bureau of National Statistics of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan, 3-7 July 2023.

  3. SECCA training: Formation of the energy balance, calculation of energy efficiency indicators, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 26 June 2023.

  4. SECCA training: Formation of the energy balance, calculation of energy efficiency indicators, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 16-17 May 2023.

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