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Energy Check (France)
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Energy Check (France)

The Energy Check (Le Chèque Énergie) is an initiative of the French government to support low-income households cover their energy costs, irrespective of the source of energy they use.

The Energy Check builds on the earlier experience of the social tariffs for gas and electricity which were in place between 2004 and 2017. It was rolled out via a gradual approach that started in some regions of the country. Upon a careful and positive assessment of its implementation, it was extended to the whole country in 2018, with more than five million households benefitting of it in 2023.

The Energy Check is disbursed yearly on the basis of the income level of the entire household and its composition and is sent automatically by post to the beneficiaries’ homes each year in the spring. On average it amounts to EUR 150 but it can go up to EUR 277.

The benefitting households can use the check either to pay their energy bills or to cover part of their costs for renovating their home, making it more energy saving work.

Furthermore, the energy check entitles beneficiaries to protection on electricity and natural gas contracts, for instance by exempting them from commissioning costs in the event of a move and from reduction in power during winter. Together with the energy check, benefitting households receive certificates that assert these rights with electricity and natural gas suppliers.

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